Mama Mia


Drop In child care

  • 500 Rsd per hour.
  • For the second child, the third hour is 50% off.
  • For the third child, the third hour is GRATIS.
Package of 15h
5.900 RSD
Package of 20h
7.900 RSD
Package of 25h
9.900 RSD

Note: Hourly rates are like credit, you can bring your child for any amount of time necessary until the purchased hours are used up for the month.

Monthly packages:

25.000 rsd PROMO Summer Price (taking care of your children during all our daycare working hours, including weekends)

10% of discount for second child

Before and After school:

18.500 RSD

10% of discount for second child


060/095 55 39



Mama Mia offers various activities that encourage children to cooperate with each other, and pays special attention to raising awareness about recycling, protecting and preserving the environment, as well as accepting and respecting differences between people. Children will have the opportunity to actively participate and decide in the selection of topics according to their interests.

Educational activities

Within the framework of educational activities, the development of various skills is encouraged, such as communication, concentration, physical coordination , as well as the ability to solve problems. Memory games like reading and retelling stories, interesting geographies, solving puzzles, playing chess, etc...

*Through various environmental workshops, awareness is raised about environmental preservation, thus motivating children that with small changes in their daily habits, they can encourage big changes in the preservation and protection of the environment.

Creative workshops

Creative workshops include activities that engage children's imagination through drawing and coloring with different techniques, making collages and objects from different materials, dance, music, puppet and other shows. The idea of creative workshops is to learn how to turn your ideas into action.

Sports activities

Physical activities aimed at improving the overall psychophysical condition and the acquisition of healthy habits. - Exercises for strengthening, correct body posture, development of motor skills with the help of different props and through different polygons. Dance and the basics of ballet (learning and practicing rhythm, different types of dance through interesting choreography), yoga, etc.


For the entertainment of the youngest, we have prepared various social games, organized disco parties, etc. We encourage childrens’ suggestions for entertainment and we are here to help them implement enjoyable experiences.